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Cash Locator will search and compare the high street and mainstream lenders as well as hundreds of lending products from credit unions and other specialist providers to find you the perfect loan.

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As we are fully automated, there is no paperwork to fill out, or initial credit checks, which means we can concentrate on finding you the right loan fast. In most instances your loan can be found and paid out that very same day.

Vias and Matercard

Only borrow money if you can pay it back
Only borrow money if you are sure you will be able to pay it back. If you are struggling with your financial commitments then you should NOT borrow more. If you have existing loans that you cannot afford to repay you should contact your lender and discuss the situation, please don't attempt to borrow more money. The details of your actual loan will be between you and your chosen lender, not us at Cash Hunter. Please make sure you read the terms and conditions from your lender very carefully before agreeing to the loan.

Payday loans are only a short term option
Payday loans are designed to be used as a short term option only. If you do not fully repay your loan on the date agreed with your lender then your lender might add additional fees and charges to your loan that make it a lot more expensive. Your lender may also report your repayments back to the credit reference agencies, so if you fail to meet your repayments your credit rating might be negatively affected. If your circumstances change and you struggle to repay your loan you should contact your lender immediately to work out a more appropriate repayment plan.

Repaying your loan
Most Lenders will use the card details you provide to collect your repayments on the agreed date. Some lenders will ask you to set up a direct debit to make your repayments, If they have been unable to collect your repayment on your due date then they will usually keep trying to process a payment on your card for up to 90 days. Your lenders collection practices should be outlined in their terms and conditions.

Rolling over your loan
You may have the opportunity to roll over your loan, which means paying off the interest earned to date and continuing to gain interest on the original loan amount over an extended term. This interest will most likely be at the same rate that the original loan was charged at. Some lenders may insist on a rollover as opposed to a renewal.

What happens if you can't pay?
Sometimes people circumstances will change and they might be unable to repay their loan. If this happens to you then you need to contact your lender immediately to work out the best plan that you can afford.